Dachkantine - We miss you so much!

An Electromentary, Dachkantine Zürich , Switzerland, 2006


Recordings of the parking level & sourrounding
Cameraswitch on the dancefloor
In the kitchen with Philipp
Sunshine Reggae on the patio

An Elektromentary of the finishing festival at the Dachkantine a club in Zürich. By Nicole Biermaier, Ravi Vaid and Dion Merz.

Further infos, the trailer & more about the whole crew: http://www.dachkantinefilm.ch/

[Present at]

Kino Riff Raff Zuerich - www.riffraff.ch, Switzerland, 2009

Amsterdamer Filmfestival IDFA, Amsterdam, Netherland 2009


various wireless cameras & modified CCD-cameramodules, cold temperatures