audiovisual experiments, 2004

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This series of works is an experiments with the language of sound. They suggest usage of traffic-flows as a possible grammar for musical notations. Those notations are transformed into sound in realtime.

The idea for the experiments emerged upon reading an interview with Ornette Coleman1 about grammar as a mental idea in sound & language and its challenges with Standard Western notations. Curiosity delved me into the relation of musical ideas & its notation. I began searching for different languages of notation - starring out of the window & looking down I found these vocabularies on the street:

John Cage Notations

The yellow cabs became sound objects at the structure of the street 'composed' by sonification of their position in relation to the camera frame. In one example the vertical position of the cabs in the frame determines the pitch, the horizontal position the volume. In other ones the cabs trigger a pentatonic scale or traffic lights poly-rhythms.

Using Puredata for representing the idea of possible notations & grammar in the mis-en-scene of camera/video images. PDs architecture & extension gives the possibility of real time acoustic transformations: Gridflows matrix/grid representation of video operates as a reader of the grammar playing sounds through association with various audio transformations of puredata itself - in this example by transforming frequency:


Download recording here (mp3 500kb)
Puredata/Gridflow patch here (.pd)




1"But music isn't a style, it’s an idea. The idea of music, without it being a style — I don't hear that much anymore." source