Code for drifting in urban surroundings, 2002


Following these lines of code enables the exploration of an environment with the help of coincidence similar to the Situationists 'thriving'.

#/usr/bin/yourself! Init { go to (trainstation, touristinfo...) } funktion AskPerson(F) Answer = F.Input[0:] return Answer funktion DirectionPath( ) walk to [A] go 180s then AskPerson( ) if not exists (x) x = AskPerson (Where do you come from?) elseif (x) x= AskPerson (Can you tell me your origin?) else: Ask other Person

Just after having arrived in a city you start the procedure by walking to the Init: e.g. a trainstation or a touristinformation. There you ask a person “Where do you come from?” or “Can you tell me your origin?”. The answer, a more or less detailed location now becomes my destination for the duration of the next 180 seconds. Then I stop moving and ask the next person about her/his origin. The persons answer provides me with a new destination.With the answer I can cast out towards the new direction etc.

RandomWalk Zürich 2002 together with Anton Nothegger aka Eiscowboy1 & other pathfinders