Okay baby & other okays

Audiosamples send by NASA, received by sesselastronaut; Hertzian Space, 2009


Audio CD (edition of 20 pieces) featuring all okays from the hertzian space of the Apollo 17 mission. The Apollo 17 Mission broke several records set by previous flights, including the longest manned lunar landing flight; the longest total lunar surface extravehicular activities; the largest lunar sample return, and the longest time in lunar orbit.

Okay baby & other okays

Pictures & radio voice courtesy of men's last visit on the moon aka NASAs Apollo 17 Mission, multimedia courtesy of http://hasa-labs.org.


Download excerpt here (mp3|1.9Mb)

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'Hagulane' - Group exhibition, 29.June-31.August 2014, municipal gallery Villingen-Schwenningen, BRD.