Cresta unter Wasser

Interactive videoinstallation, Park Hotel Waldhaus Flims, Switzerland, 2005-2006


A sonochromatic frequency-apparatus is materialising the glance and memories of the mermaid of Cresta – a goddess of the Cresta lake in Laax, Graubünden, Central Switzerland. The mermaid's glance and memories are projected into a hotel's swimming pool by the echo of the pedestrians and a pneumatic muscle.

Three skywalks between the three sections of the hotel are coming together in a dome. The clang of the visitors walking through the dome are transferred via a wireless microphone to the computer in the 'delight'-glascube where the swimming pool is located.

The sonic-impulses are transferred onto a self built pneumatic-muscle swimming and generating waves. Two cameras are grabbing images from the generate waves. The images are projected together with footage from Cresta-lakes underwater world and silhoutte-videos of the mermaid's 'memories'. The cycle of the movies is also controlling the lights in the pool.

The dramaturgy is determined interactively by the steps of the pedestrians passing the dome.

Collaboration with Valentina Vuksic, Niki Schawalder and Philipp Oettli


Information about the project as .pdf can be downloaded here (german|320kb) and more images here (zip|6.4Mb)

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Summer 2005-2006 at Park Hotel Waldhaus Flims, Switzerland


Software: Audio & videoprocessing with Max/MSP

Hardware: Festo Fluidic-Muscle, selfmade electronics, DMX-interface, CCD-videocameramodules