Speculatrix Procarya

interactive Installation, 2009


'thinking machines are not constructed but they are growing'1. In the tradition of art to fabricate clocks with animated figures, which contributed to the belief that scholars are keeping themselves robots, here the scientist is keeping himself an (experiment with an) artificial entity: Speculatrix Procarya is an adaptive creature whose perception, and behaviour, traits of autonomy and artificial curiosity are examined.

NZZ-article from February 2009

Video showing the Lab-setup, recorded at the vernissage at the Museum of Design Zürich

Browse through the installation with the help of your mouse and this fancy flashmovie here:


Documentation of the project as pdf (2.8MB) and further images of the installation here (.zip|1.3 MB)

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'Robots from motion to emotion' exhibition from 24.June – 4.Octobre 2009 at the Museum of Design Zürich, Switzerland. Featured within the installation 'HASA-Laboratories'.


Software: Gnu/Linux, Puredata, OpenCV
Hardware: Logitech webcams, Arduino, Tendril control X-axis: Selfmade 12V h-bridge motorcontrol, Tendril control Y-axis: Dynamixel AX-12 Servos

1Arthur C. Clarke 'Profiles of the Future; an Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible' 1962; p.231