Discovery Mission

Videos, Planetary System 2001


Searching for weightlessness in the dimension of time, the scientists of the HASA-space crew met intelligent beings and celestial bodies in the optical unconsciousness of the cyber-peripheries. Images of the celestial bodies and the encountered beings were first released to the public in July 2001.

The planets within the solar-system of which partly detailed geological maps featuring images of individual regions are shown in this flash movie. The videos of the individual planets can also be seen in the section Multimedia.

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Galaxie Gummitwist

Mutterplanet Manoland



Extrasolares Sitzfleisch


Science mag 'Riqueza mediante investigation - Postré Galactico/Götterspeise'

[Presented at]

extrasolares Sitzfleisch, Trampoline Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2002

Mutterplanet Manoland, Mostra Multicanal, Barcelona, Spain, 2001


Software: Macromedia Flash, Final Cut

Hardware: found items from the streets of Innsbrucks, Bern, Grenoble und Barcelona

Space Sciences Directorate