accompanying measures in rail replacement bus service

Robotic sound installation, 2009


'Accompanying measures in rail replacement bus service' is a sound installation performed by a robot named 'Hyper Line Tracer'. Using the basic line-tracing principle from robotics, his mission is to follow a trace, in this case a black line painted on the ground. The robot is carrying a radio transmitter and a microphone on its back. Along the line on the ground various radios are positioned, receiving the signal emitted from the robot – on frequency 87,5Mhz. As the microphone is transmitting the signals coming from the radio speakers back to the radio receivers, feedback noise is generated. Hence by passing by the different radios, with their specific positions & characteristics a composition of feedback noises is orchestrated through the movement of the robot.

Hyper Line Tracer in bank

Hyper Line Tracer in action


Documentation of the project as pdf is here (english|1MB) and further images of the installation here (.zip|3.5 MB)

[Presented at]

lab30 Festival - 8. Augsburger Kunstlabor, Germany, 2009

Gallery Skaftfell, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, 2009

Habsburg group exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland, 2009


Modified 'Hyper Line Tracer' Robot; condensermicrophone; radiotransmitter