Uruca Caliandrum

A hairbrush witnessing for sunrises 2010


The hairbrush comes with an built-in OrientationAssistance TM 1. This OrientationAssistanceTM assists machines to perceive the sunrise.

Here it's built in the hairbrush, but as an add-on the OrientationAssistanceTM can be plugged/mounted on any responsive object/machine.

With the break of dawn the hairbrush wakes up and starts moving in the direction of the sunrise. As soon as it reaches a nice position to gaze at the sunrise the hairbrush congeals.

During the day it will regain the energy loss from the morning exercise with the help of the solarcells on it's back. In this time and also during the night it then can be used as an everyday hairbrush, before it then with the break of dawn will awake again.

1OrientationAssistanceTM is a trademark of Nicolaus Copernicus & co.


Projectdossier (pdf|1.6MB)

[Presented at]

'UTOs-Unidentified Technical Objects' Exhibition August 26.-30. 2011 at V8 Plattform Karlsruhe, BRD. Dossier of the exhibition (pdf|1.6MB)


Hairbrush, Motors, Microcontroller.

Video courtesy of Thorsten Strohmeier