closed-circuit installation, 2003


(§)"=$" is a meta mêcanique1 made out of electronic trash. A camera on a printers head sends images as ascii-data to the printer. The printout in turn is fed back to the camera as optical data which again generates ascii-data sent to the printer ... within this cycle of input and output characteristics of Autopoiesis2 have been observed.

intermedial Handshake

Camera on printerhead


Documentation of the project is here and further images of the installation here (.zip | 240kb)

[Presented at]

Datafitness at the EDV-Studio in the Rüdigerstreet, Switzerland, 2003

'Robots from motion to emotion' exhibition from 24.June – 4.Octobre 2009 at the Museum of Design Zürich, Switzerland. Featured within the installation HASA-Laboratories.

'UTOs-Unidentified Technical Objects' Exhibition August 26.-30. 2011 at V8 Plattform Karlsruhe, BRD.

'Hagulane' - Group exhibition, 29.June-31.August 2014, municipal gallery Villingen-Schwenningen, BRD.


Software: GNU/Linux http://www.debian.org/, Hasciicam http://ascii.dyne.org/, control with Bash-script & Python http://python.org/
Hardware: B/W CCD-videochip on the printhead of a needleprinter, needleprinter NEC Pinwriter P2

1K.G. Pontus Hulten, Jean Tinguely: 'Meta', London: Thames and Hudson, 1975, S.16.
2self-creation, self-preservation - F. Varela & H. Maturana