Usché ditg che jau viv

interactive installation, Park Hotel Waldhaus Flims, Switzerland, 2006


The Installation investigates the Rhäto-Romanic language, its five idioms and the literary language Rumantsch Grischun. An old book, found on a dusty shelf, is encoded from scratch and transformed into a modern video player. Turn over pages and short and to-the-point statements appear on the monitor screen, embedded with profound and illustrative phrases. They’re the direct and genuine observations from the Romans themselves about the status and significance of the fourth official language in their lives.

Videos shown on the videoplayer interface of the installation

Flurin Derungs da la Val Lumnezia
Otilia in Fuldera
Bernhard Kuenzli da Savognin
Jatschem aus Scuol

In collaboration with Timo Hoffmann, Niki Schawalder, Philipp Oettli and David Vetsch on behalf of Lia Rumantscha, Chur.


Projectinformation as .pdf (german|240kb) and further images here (zip|6.4mb)

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from 12.9.2006 until summer 2007 at the Park Hotel Waldhaus Flims, Switzerland


Software: Puredata und Gem for imageprocessing

Hardware: selfmade interface, GNU/Linux computer, videocameras