Installation, technical entity & fiction, 2005


In February 2005, under the direction of 'Laborant Olsen' and using distributed computing techniques, HASA was able to pool a signal containing information for the construction of a U.T.O.(Unidentified Technical Object). Using symetric iterated blockcodified decoding technology 'Laborant Olsen' was subsequently able to detect within the signal references related to machine-like entities enabled to process information.

U.T.O. published July 2005

Excerpt from the project report:

After the successful integration of the HASA-Ingeborg-Explorer into HASAs distributed-computing network, for the first time from the thermal noise in the terrestrial space a signal could be bundled. In the header-element of the signal the sentence 'Und ein Signal tanzt' (synthetische Poesie aus Autopoem von G. Stickel, 1967) was encoded. After stripping redundant data from the body part of the signal a description of a machine-like conglomerate was decoded.

Currently Olsen is frantically analysing the functionality of this 'Und ein Signal tanzt' ("And a signal dances") entitled object.


[Cryptoanalysis & Videos]

U.T.O. research report
Roundabound shot in the Lab
Production of the simulationmodel
The machine & it's perception


Documentation of the project as pdf (1Mb), the NZZ-article from 13.7.2005 in german (pdf|300Kb), and further images of the lab (zip|8.4Mb)

[Presented at]

Diplom exhibition, HGK Zürich, Switzerland, 2005


Hardware: self-made electronics & artefacts, trashed videokameras, TV-sets; video switcher, geared Motor
Software: PIC-Microcontroller